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Creating a space

for you to delight in

S. Cheriece Luxury Picnic Events specializes in luxurious picnics. S. Cheriece Luxury Picnic Events brings you elegance and stylish, fashionable designs. Premium is the standard.


I had one goal in mind when creating this service. That was bringing true luxury picnic events to people of all ages. Gatherings should be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. I believe people should celebrate each other and life's moments regularly. Not only when there's a big milestone, but just because. Gatherings are a fun way to reset. What brings me joy, is creating a space for others to delight in.


With S. Cheriece Luxury Picnic Events, we create an event for you. You choose the location, we make it beautiful.

S. Cheriece Luxury Picnic Events.jpg
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